Our history, mission and values

Our company was founded in the 50’s, having begun in the metal casting industry. During the 90s and due to a growing market need, it was given place to a corporate restructuring that led to a specialization in the area of recuperative heat. Currently, Albicalor® is one of the leading companies in the area.

The Albicalor®’s mission is to manufacture and market equipment for alternative energy to meet the needs of our customers through quality service, based on professionalism and empathy of all its employees as well as a sustainability perspective of our planet.

To accomplish the mission, the Albicalor® live your day to day based on values ​​which it deems crucial for its development and growth as a company. For this, it is guided by the persistence in the pursuit of their dreams and strategic objectives, requirement and quality of equipment that produces and markets, professionalism and friendliness in contacts with customers, partners and suppliers.


The technology as the basis of our work and our products

Since the arrival of the raw material that technology supports all the manufacturing steps in Albicalor®. Armed with high-tech processing equipment such as robotic welding arms, precision laser cuttin and accurate bending.

This is how we continue to create new products, which are increasingly geared to the need to satisfy your comfort.