Water boiler for central heating, Oven for cooking and forced ventilation of hot air.

Cooker H20
Wood Consumption 4,3-8,8 Kg/h
Efficiency 76%
Heating (Max. Vol.) 928


Characteristics Cooker H2O
Usage Power (kW) 24,4-45,5
Nominal Power (kW) 35,0
Usage Power (kcal) 21.110
Average Power of the Water (kW) 24,5
CO (at 13% de oxigen) Emissions 0,56
CO2 Emissions (%) 10,3
Volume Capacity (L) 119
Maximum Working Pressure (Bar) 3
Maximum Service Temperature (ºC) 90
Weight (Kg) 385
Chimney Diameter (mm) 180
Oven Measures (H x W x D) (mm) 400x600x405


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Cooker H2O
1435 925 665 200 290

*Measured in millimeters