Domosky S30

Wood burning cooker with boiler for central heating and cooking oven.

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Domosky S30
Wood Consumption 3,8-8,0 Kg/h
Efficiency 76%
Heating (Max. Vol.) 838
  1. The model Domosky S30 allows you to cook at different temperatures on both sides of the stove.
  2. It has a front handle, allowing you to dry clothes.
  3. In front of the stove, there is a mechanism by pressing connects the flue directly to the chimney. This system is necessary to activate whenever you ignight the stove, after the chimney is hot you should put it in the starting position.
  4. To facilitate loading the wood,  Domosky S30 has a door with 215 × 205 mm.
  5. You will be able to adjust the air into the combustion chamber, increasing or decreasing by an automatic thermostat. This device varies automatically the air flow, maintaining the preselected temperature level.
  6. Thermometer to see the water temperature in the boiler and adjustable temperature thermostat that triggers the circulation pump.
  7. Register incorporated into the ash drawer regulated manually for air inlet into the combustion chamber.
  8. Ash drawer to facilitate cleaning the ashes.
  9. Survey drawer that facilitates maintenance and cleaning of the fume cupboard.
  10. Screw to adjust the grill.
  11. Temperature regulator lever (for the radiator heating, for the oven or both simultaneously).
  12. This stove is equipped with a large oven (H: 315 x W:377 x D:540mm). Due to the heat passage all around the oven, it will have an even and constant temperature, envisioned by a thermometer located on the glass on the door.
  13. Sliding door for a hothouse effect or wood storage underneath the oven.
  14. Connection for the circulation pump.


Characteristics Domosky S30
Usage Power (kW) 22,0-41,0
Nominal Power (kW) 31,6
Usage Power (kcal) 19.052
Average Power of the Water (kW) 22
CO (at 13% de oxigen) Emissions 0,51
CO2 Emissions (%) 9,3
Volume Capacity (L) 43
Maximum Working Pressure (Bar) 3
Maximum Service Temperature (ºC) 90
Weight with Lacquered Chafer (Kg) 315
Weight with Ceramic Chafer (Kg) 350
Chimney Diameter (mm) 150
Oven Measures (H x W x D) (mm) 315x377x540

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Domosky S30
 DOMS30 850 1120 650 215 205 150 140

*Measured in millimeters