Albicalor Product Representation


Easypell, Pellet Boiler for Central Heating.


Maximum efficiency thanks to recirculation system with triple smoke passage, negative pressure sensor, flame temperature sensor and modulation up to 30% of nominal power. With automatic adjustment for different types of pellets.


Easypell has the same safety and performance parameters as a high-quality boiler: certified flame retardant, built-in return temperature rise to prevent corrosion and sealed pellet storage.

Low Emissions

Easypell meets the strictest applicable standards. The use of renewable, clean and economical fuel reduces emissions to the utmost and contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Annual Cleaning

The automatic cleaning of heat exchangers only allows one year of general cleaning of the equipment. The large capacity ashtray reduces ash discharges to 3 or 4 times a year.

Detached House

Within the many applications possible for Easypell, the most common is heating and hot water production for single-family houses. Its nominal power between 16 and 32 kW makes it suitable for any home.

Technical Details Easypell
16 20 25 32
Nominal Power (kW) 16 20 25 32
Efficiency (%) 93,1 93,6 94,3 95,3
Water Volum Capacity (Lt) 70 70 108 108
Pellet Tank Capacity (Kg) 165 165 190 190
Weight (Kg) 320 320 320 320

1- Deposit for pellets of great capacity: 165 Kg – 190 Kg;

2- Safe Storage: door opening sensor and watertight cover;

3-Electronic Panel: Simple and intuitive control panel. Possibility of integration in a system with up to 3 independent circuits;

4- Easy access for maintenance: annual maintenance, simple and fast;

5- Isolation: limits losses and improves yield;

6- Automatic cleaning of the heat exchangers: high constant efficiency without intervening in the boiler;

7- Flame temperature sensor and pressure gauge: adapts the parameters of the combustion according to the quality of the fuel;

8- Circular combustion chamber in stainless steel: high temperature reached quickly and triple passage of fumes;

9- Combustion plate with lower feed: stable flame and extraction of ashes by gravity. Automatic low-power ignition;

10- Large capacity ashtray: easy access;

11- Integrated return temperature rise: safer and more sensitive installation for the boiler;

12- Anti-return flame: with double locking mechanism.


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