Inside Pellets Insert

The Inside Pellet Insert, designed from simple and straight lines, is the ideal solution for converting traditional wood-burning stoves into a modern high-heat pellet heating system.
It is easy to install and use.
Loading of pellets at the top of the stove.

Pellet Consumption 0,7-1,8 Kg/h
Yield 85.19%
Heating 200 m3


Characteristics Inside
Rated Power (kW) 9,12
Maximum Autonomy (h) 20
Reservoir Capacity (Kg) 15
Diameter of Fume Exhaust (mm) 80
Dimension Air inlet (mm) 40
Power Consumption (watt) 80/300
Weight (Kg) 85
Height (mm) 580
Width (mm) 680
Depth (mm) 505

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