Pellet Manual Burner

Technical Details Pellet Manual Burner
Mini Small Medium Large Super
Material Refractory Steel Refractory Steel Refractory Steel Refractory Steel Refractory Steel
Weight (Kg) 3 4 5 6 10
Measures (H x W x D mm) 100X250X230 100X320X290 100X430X250 100X500X275 100X760X305
Lighting Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Maximum Power (kW) 8 10 12 15 18
Pellets Capacity (Kg) 2 3 4 5 8

Note: Albicalor can manufacture burners with different dimensions at the request of customers under prior price consultation.

Lighting the stove has never been easier!

  1. Place the equipment inside your wood stove, fireplace or fireplace.
  2. Make sure it seats properly.
  3. Fill the equipment with Pellets.
  4. To ignite, place 2 or 3 lights on top of the pellets. You can also “water” pellets with liquid lighter.

Refilling with pellets at the end of the burn should not be done in a way that completely covers the entire upper area of ​​the burner. We must leave a zone of embers so that the new re-ignition is fast.

The burning power is proportional to the amount of pellets used as well as to the intake air we regulate. It is important to note that after the first combustion phase in which the flame is not noticed, the release of heat by the formed “brazier” continues to provide heat for several hours.


Adaptability: can be placed in heat registers, salamanders or open fireplaces;
Convenience: it is not necessary to carry firewood to the stove, fireplace or fireplace;
Reduced fumes: the absence of moisture in the pellets allows a fire with reduced fumes;
Easy to switch on: thanks to how fast it turns on the stove gets hot in an instant;
Economy: Reservoir with capacity for 5 kg of pellets;
Cleaning and Hygiene: easy to clean thanks to the upper grill, just lift and pour the pellets;
Design: attractive, simple and modern lines;
Construction: it is a national product, entirely built by Albicalor;
Ecological: pellet combustion waste is perfect for fertilizing;
Autonomy: the duration of combustion, is directly related to the quality of the pellets, as well as the amount that is placed in the burner. These should be placed in a “hill” shape, to obtain a maximum height. A charge may have a duration of 1H to 1H30 with flame, plus 1H to 1H30 with the remaining heat dissipating heat.

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