Pellet Grill Duo

Pellet Grill

Pellet Grill is a modern grill with energy-efficient, economical and simple to use. This grill explores the advantages of pellets, with only 50 cents can grill for 2 hours maximizing savings (if you want to grill just over an hour to fill half of the reservoir). With Pellet Grill can grill your food taking care of health as it prevents the typical carcinogenic compounds of charcoal grills. Thinking of your health we installed a trough where the fat produced when grilling is collected. The engaging surfaces stainless and grid anti-adherent iron are designed in order to facilitate cleaning and not grasp the food.

This version of the Pellet Grill has twice the capacity and is particularly suited for professional use in restaurants and catering.

Color: All stainless steel; stainless steel and green; stainless steel and orange.
Material: Stainless Steel | Grid: Cast iron
Measures: Height 92cm | Width 133cm | depth 46cm
Weight: 70 kg


Security and Autonomy: don’t need electricity or gas;
Durability: built entirely in stainless steel Pellet Grill resists corrosion and high temperatures;
Cooking perfect: the anti-adherent iron grid has adequate thickness so that the point become grilled;
Smoke absence: the absence of coal can cook without smoke;
Easy to connect: thanks to the speed with which light can start grilling in minutes;
Autonomy: up to two hours; In a few minutes you can start grilling without dirt, without fumes and without the dangers of charcoal grills.
Economy: the tank with capacity for pellets 2kg means one of only 50 cents investment;
Healthy: avoids the typical carcinogenic compounds of chargrilled;
Cleaning and Hygiene: Easy to clean thanks to stainless steel and non-stick grill;
Design: attractive, simple and modern lines;
Construction: is a national product, built entirely by Albicalor;
Ecological: the pellets combustion residues are perfect for composting.

Non-stick grill


Grate in cast iron with non-stick to meat

Metallic grid


metal grid for fish and vegetables



Handles for placement and removal of grill and combustion of the pellets tube

Stainless Summit


This optional dome allows for a faster grilled concentrates the heat on site, acting as an oven (reduces energy loss).

Maxi Burner


40% more power, more autonomy 1hr. Available in home version, camping and duo.

Power Kit


This kit allows easy placement give more power to heat non-stick grill and grilling so faster, with a constant temperature

How to use: just put on top of the pellets (home version, camping and duo)