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Vigas, Inverted Flame Wood Boiler for Central Heating

A Beam heating system can provide the energy needed to heat an entire room for 24 hours, in the middle of the winter in a single firing of approximately 4 hours. The wood is burned in high yield, the energy is deposited in the accumulator and can be used for several hours or even days.

The system is systematically equipped with a heating regulation, the set parameters are respected, only the required energy is burned. The boiler is simple to ignite, due to its extractor that fires the flame.

Beam systems are automatic and equipped with all necessary accessories for their safety and regulation, for reliable, safe and high performance operation.

Combustion of firewood in boilers Beams, unlike natural-draft boilers, do not generate more pollutants than a fossil-fueled boiler.

Wood must be produced according to sustainable forest management and thus represent a source of energy that regenerates, always respecting the environment. The combustion of the wood only releases the CO2 that has been absorbed by the trees, during its life.


Technical Details Vigas
25S 40S 60S
Nominal Power (kW) 25 40 60
Usage Power (kW) 5-31 8-42 15-72
Duration of Combustion (h) 4,20 4,20 4,30
Water Volum Capacity (Lt) 75 93 180
Maximum Fuel Load (Kg) 30 40 80
Weight (Kg) 400 460 760

1- Ak300 Regulation Panel: true automaton. The regulation adjusts the power of combustion according to the needs, manages the air intakes for a complete and clean combustion and can manage the entire heating installation;

2- Charging chamber: also called a gasification chamber, the loading of firewood here is dry, aerated, under the action of the main fan

3- Servo motor Belimo: piloted by the regulation, pilots the rotary valve of the arrivals of the air;

4- Main fan: with a variable power of approximate percentage, ensures a combustion with all the flexibility, according to the temperature of the boiler, the temperature of the fumes and also takes into account the temperature of the accumulator;

5- Rotating Valve: piloted by the regulation of the oxygen contained in the fumes, as measured by the Lambda probe, ensures complete or stoichiometric combustion of the wood loading;

6- Burner: lined with refractory bricks, part flame, to let only the fumes rise in the tubular heat exchanger placed in the back of the boiler;

7- Combustion chamber: the door of this chamber can be opened in full operation for a few seconds to ensure good combustion of the charge. This compartment should be cleaned weekly from ash residues.

25S 40S 60S
Measures (HxWxD mm) 1135x645x110 1385x645x1070 1420x785x1260
Charging Camera Measures (HxWxD mm) 490x440x370 750x440x560 730x575x750
Chimney Diameter (mm) 150 200 200


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