Wertec W10 – Heat Pump


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The operation of a heat pump can be compared to that of a refrigerator, but in reverse

The heat from the air is drawn into the accumulator through the heating system. To raise the temperature, the vapor of the coolant is compressed until it reaches a temperature high enough to heat the water.

The temperature can reach 55ºC

Able to respond to the requirement of hot water in large quantity.

“Tranquil Flow” Technology

It guarantees the stability of the water temperature in the accumulator, so that the volume of hot water can increase by 30%.

Eco-Friendly Solution

With the solar system in support of the heat pump, it saves energy and makes the system more efficient, reducing energy dependence.

High efficiency due to scroll compressors

For the production of heat, the energy is extracted from the ambient air and with it the coolant is vaporized. The gas obtained is compressed and heated in the scroll compressor, transmitting the heat from the condenser to the sanitary hot water and then liquefying. Finally, the coolant, still under pressure, is released by an expansion valve and the circuit is restarted.

Intelligent defrost technology

If the air inlet temperature in the equipment is too low the unit will freeze. In the defrosting process, the fan to ventilate and the compressor continues to produce energy, increasing the temperature of the condenser which will cause the ice to melt.

Tecnhical Details Wertec
200L (1 Serpentina) 300L (1 Serpentina) 300L (2 Serpentinas)
Heating Capacity (kW) 2,5 2,5 2,5
Water Deposit Capacity (L) 200 300 298
Power Consumption (kW) 0,68 0,68 0,68
Electrical Consumption(A) 2,96 2,96 2,96
Power Supply (V) 230 230 230
Measures (mm) 560×1720 640×1850 640×1850
TºC Maximum Exercise 55 55 55
Diameter of the Air Pipes (mm) 150 150 150


High efficiency serpentine

Composed of microchannels with high exchange capacity, the aluminum serpentine surrounds the accumulator by its exterior, thus increasing its longevity;

Monoblock construction

Compact and discreet, the Wertec heat pump allows it to be placed in any room, without compromising the dynamics of the room;

Double Sensor

The two temperature sensors located at the bottom and top of the accumulator allow high precision in controlling the temperature of the water;


With the anti-legionella function, automatic disinfection cycles are programmed, heating the water inside the tank to 70 ° C for a short period of time, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria;

Sanitary Recirculation

The installation of a sanitary recirculation will allow to move the water in the sanitary circuit through a circulation pump in order to get hot water as quickly as possible to the point of consumption, reducing waiting time until hot water reaches the tap, and above all by avoiding waste;

Touch Screen Controller

Large, intuitive and easy to use, it allows total control of the equipment. It allows adjustments such as: double programming, vacation programming and possibility of connection Wifi;

Hydrophilic Coated Air Exchanger

It is more efficient and has a higher resistance to corrosion;

Accumulator fully built in duplex stainless steel

It provides greater mechanical resistance and superior resistance to corrosion under tension, guaranteeing a greater longevity to this equipment;

Compatibility with solar

This equipment has one or two coils that makes it compatible with solar thermal system and / or other sources of heat, which allows to maximize the efficiency of any system.


  1. Condensate outlet
  2. Overheat protection
  3. Hot water outlet
  4. Pressure and Temperature Valve
  5. Magnesium anode
  6. Sheath for temperature probe
  7. Ida serpentina
  8. Circulation water inlet
  9. Electrical resistance
  10. Temperature sensor
  11. Serpentine Return
  12. Cold water inlet
  13. Flow

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