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Wood stove, natural convection.


Consumo de Lenha 2,23 Kg/h
Rendimento 81,2%
Aquecimento (Vol. Max.) 140 m2



Potência Nominal (kW) 7,6
Emissões CO (a 13% de oxigénio) 0,1
Emissões CO2 (%) 11,6
Peso (Kg) 150
Diâmetro da chaminé (mm) 150
Comprimento Máximo de Lenha (mm) 330
Altura 1104 mm
Largura 558 mm
Profundidade 550 mm


Since the discovery of the fire, we have not stopped thinking about ways to control it and use it for our benefit. The control of this natural element has led to electrical appliances to bring feelings of comfort, relaxation and nostalgia to other people due to the closeness of the flame. As such, Albicalor presents salamanders of the most diverse styles, from the most classic to the most modern, with different materials and finishes, offering those looking for comfort and the well-being of a biomass source considered neutral to climatic damage, along with it personalization. necessary to make the salamander a central and unmistakable piece. Designed and produced exclusively by Albicalor, this salamander is a key decoration piece combined with the best quality and technology that characterize the brand.