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With an attractive and elegant design, the Salamandra a Pellets Icon has an asymmetric combustion chamber, with a left side door. Its coating in lacquered steel plate and inlaid glass, offers a particular game of design and colors. With double ventilation, limited general dimensions (only 270 mm in depth) and simplified operations of simple and sporadic maintenance, are among the main peculiarities of Icon. The gas emission outlet may be at the rear or right side, to facilitate the installation of the equipment according to the needs.

Available colors:


Consumo de Pellets 0,6-1,2 Kg/h
Rendimento 89,68%
Aquecimento (Vol. Máx.) 120 m3


Potência Nominal (kW) 4,62
Autonomia Máxima (h) 9
Capacidade do Reservatório (Kg) 9
Consumo de Energia (watt) 50/330
Diâmetro da Saída de Fumos (mm) 80
Diâmetro da Entrada de Ar (mm) 35
Peso (Kg) 48


Dimensões (AxLxP mm) 881x455x270


  • Command with wireless;
  • Cast Iron Grill;
  • Lateral smoke outlet;
  • Double glass and easy to clean;
  • Ventilated heating;
  • Ideal for small spaces;
  • Programmable;
  • Silent;
  • Stop & Go system;
  • Available in black and bordeaux