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The Dorica model is available in two powers: 8Kw and 10Kw. It has a sober and elegant design, fitting in the most varied environments. You can also choose between ceramic, glass or lacquered finishes.

Available colors:


Disponível em 2 versões Dorica 8 Dorica 10
Potência (kW) 2,9-8,1 2,9-10,3
Rendimento 90% 90%
Aquecimento (Vol. Max.) 185 m³ 235 m³



Características Dorica 8 Dorica 10
Capacidade do Depósito de Pellets (Kg) 26 26
Autonomia Máxima (horas) 36-13 36-10
Diâmetro da chaminé (mm) 80 80
Peso (Kg) 86* 86*

* Equipamento com acabamentos cerâmicos: 95 Kg


*Dimensões em milímetros 

  • Double glazed thermal cut system with air box, developed with those in mind at home;
  • Touch control with easy and intuitive LCD graphic disply;
  • Automatic combustion management depending on the type of installation gas outlet;
  • Quiet operation for total comfort;
  • Door with mechanical triple lock system exit and individual open door sensor for greater security;
  • Control and monitoring of equipment via internet and / or smartphone (optional);
  • Radio remote control (optional).