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The Dorica Box Model is available with 10Kw of power. Since it is compact, that is to say with reduced depth, it adapts to demanding rooms such as corridors, always maintaining its high performance. You can also choose the finishes according to the decoration of the space.

Available colors:


Potência (kW) 2,9-10,6
Rendimento 90,5%
Aquecimento (Vol. Max.) 235 m³



Capacidade do Depósito de Pellets (Kg) 26
Autonomia Máxima (horas) 36-10
Diâmetro da chaminé (mm) 80
Peso (Kg) 95*

* Equipamento com acabamentos cerâmicos: 110 Kg


*Dimensões em milímetros 

  • Double glazed thermal cut system with air box, developed with those in mind at home;
  • Touch control with easy and intuitive LCD graphic disply;
  • Automatic combustion management depending on the type of installation gas outlet;
  • Quiet operation for total comfort;
  • Door with mechanical triple lock system exit and individual open door sensor for greater security;
  • Control and monitoring of equipment via internet and / or smartphone (optional);
  • Radio remote control (optional);
  • Ventilation system that allows the distribution of hot air to other rooms (optional).